Helping Other People Every Day

Our Year

Blair’s Tree of Hope would love to share with you all the successes we have had throughout this past fiscal year. We were able to help 96 families directly who were referred to us by the social workers in the hospitals. On Thanksgiving we were able to serve dinner at the U of M Amplatz Hospital to over 200 patients, family members, and hospital staff. Every other week we delivered snacks, toiletries, and magazines to either Minneapolis Children’s Hospital or U of M Amplatz Hospital. Each month we held a crafting event at the U of M Amplatz Hospital. We facilitated the donation of many blankets, diapers, scrapbooking materials, and pillows to Children’s Hospital. Along with those donations, we also donated “care” baskets, which included soft pillow cases to the patients and families on the BMT floor at the U of M Amplatz Hospital. In September we held our 4th annual Kickball Tournament where we had a Bone Marrow Drive which resulted in 3 matches! We also sold many of our 2011 Calendars at the tournament, which showcased some amazing kids throughout an entertaining circus and carnival theme.

Currently, we are working on our 1st Annual BTOH 5k Run/Walk. More information on this event can be found here on our website under the events column.

We personally would like to thank each and every volunteer who has donated his or her time, products, and/or money to assist our cause. Without each of you we could not have achieved our goals and our mission.