Helping Other People Every Day


On 2/7/2007 Blair went back in the hospital with RSV and the Leukemia was back. She was such an inspiration to me and everyone else that she touched. She never gave up and we spent hours talking about how we could give HOPE to families. 3 months after she earned her pink and orange wings on 3/25/2007 Tom and I talked and talked and said we know what we want to do and that is bring this dream to a reality. On 7/31/2007 Blair’s Tree of Hope became a legal non-profit foundation that has helped over 6,000 families directly and indirectly. We could not have done this without the commitment of the Board Members, family, volunteers, sponsors and donors of time, money and products. So many people that we have met throughout the past 7 years have touched our lives in ways they may not realize. Thank you so much to each and every one of you for helping us to give Blair’s Hope to so many.BTOH Magent