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10th Annual Kickball Tournament – 9/30/2017

On behalf of Blair’s Tree of Hope and our board members we would like to Thank you Jodi Olson and her family for putting together this fun tournament that so many have enjoyed the past 10 years.  This is our last year for this amazing event and we have made a lot of new friends and raised a lot of funds to help us achieve our mission and goals of helping families through their childs cancer journey. This event is near and dear to our hearts and we will be forever thankful to the Flanery family.  Our family was invited to the Flanery cabin in between Blair’s treatments and the doctor said she was able to do whatever she felt up to.  The Flanery family holds an annual Kickball game with a picnic and this year they asked Blair if she would want to play and she did.  Tom and I were a little nervous as she had just finished a few rounds of chemo.  The game started and it was Blair’s turn to kick – she goes up to the plate kicks the ball and starts running to first base.  As she is running her jogging pants fell down and you could hear a pin drop as we didn’t know what Blair would do.  She pulled her pants up and got to first base turned to Tom and I and gave us the thumbs up with a huge smile.  Now we all know that she could have clearly gotten put out but the wonderful person who chose not to throw the ball to put her out – Thank you as you gave Blair this wonderful time before she started the next part of her cancer battle.  

Thank all of our sponsors, volunteers, board members, teams that come every year to participate, spectators we could not have had all of these memories without each of you.

We will have our t-shirts for sale again this year so if you have been collecting for the last ten years please send an email to and in the subject line put 10 year Kickball T-Shirt.  Cost is $10.

Raffle Tickets are for sale $1 per ticket.

1st Prize – 2 Viking Tickets – October 22 – Baltimore versus Vikings

2nd Prize – Fitbit Charge 2

3rd Prize – Quilt made by and donated “Maple Grove Quilters”

We have several other great raffle items – Gift Cards to restaurants, smaller quilts, Wine baskets, Popped Corn basket

All proceeds from the raffle go directly to the goal and mission of BTOH of Helping families as they are going through their childs cancer journey.

Once again Thank you so much to everyone for this wonderful 10 years – memories are forever.

In Hope

Tom and Kim Anderson

**Blair’s Tree of Hope has moved**

Mail can ben sent to

PO Box 340
Hopkins, MN 55343

Packages can be shipped to

5627 Green Circle Drive #113
Minnetonka, MN 55343

Contact email is:

Thank you.

10 Annual Kickball Tournament Sponsors

Thank you to the following sponsors of our event on 9/30/2017 that we have so far.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor – contact Kim Anderson, or call 612-599-4221.

Hope Level – TCF Bank

Pink Level – AON

Orange Level – Bank Direct Capital Finance

10th Annual Kickball Tournament

It is that time of the year to sign up your team for our 10th Annual Kickball Tournament.

When:  9/30/2017

Where:  Valley View Fields, 9000 Portland Avenue South, Bloomington, MN 55420

Time:  Starts at 8am until 6pm

Cost:  $100 per team

Registration deadline is 9/8/2017

Questions contact Kickball Chairperson – Jodi Olson – or 612-940-3906

What we need:

  • Teams (Both Competitive and Non-Competitive)
  • Volunteers (A Link to follow)
  • Raffle items
  • Sponsors – Cost $200 for sponsorship Orange Level, $500 Pink Level, $1,000 HOPE level

This is a fun filled day come join us and help us to Help Other People Everyday!

Thank You for giving H.O.P.E.

Thank you so much to our board members, volunteers, donors, sponsors and our families. 2016-2017 was another amazing year of growth and recognition. We surpassed our goals this year and again we could not do any of it without all of you. We are so thankful to the Social Workers at Minneapolis Children’s and U of MN Masonic Children’s Hospitals. Without you sharing our applications with the families we could not achieve our mission of helping the families. Thank you to Sarah & Ann at the U of MN Masonic hospital who encourage us to share our ideas of bringing new things to the families. We enjoy the quarterly photo shoots with the pizza parties and we know the families do as well. Thank you to Four Seasons Quilt shops for letting us come and make our pillowcases that we provide to the kids in the hospitals. Thank you to Minneapolis Childrens for your support of our IOH event this means so very much to us. We look forward to 2017-2018 and Helping Other People Everyday! HOPE..