Helping Other People Every Day

Board Members

Co-Founders (President & Treasurer) Tom & Kim Anderson (Dad and Step-Mother to Blair)

Having  first-hand experience with Blair going through her journey, being in the hospital days and months they know what the needs are of the families and their HOPE is to make sure Blair’s Tree of Hope does whatever they can to make a little bit of difference in their lives – reduce a little bit of stress and give them HOPE!  Their angel with the pink and orange wings flies with them to Help Other People Everyday!

Vice-President – Mary Kay Myrmel

Married to Kevin and has 4 kids, taught at Hopkins North Junior High.  She was a teacher of Blair’s and sent an email right away saying she wanted to help in some way.  She helped us out at one of our first annual garage sale fundraisers and we decided right there we were not going to let her get away and she has been with us since.  Not only is she a great teacher and helps children she looks forward to Helping Other People Everyday!

Secretary – Rachel Crelly  As a sister to Katie she was right there with our family during Blair’s journey! She enjoys being a part of Blair’s Tree of Hope and brings a lot of good ideas and is always willing to Help Other People Everyday!

Member– Teri Crelly– Married to John and has 4 daughters.  Teri has her own business, loves people, enjoys music and hanging out with her family.  Teri was one of the first of many who stepped forward during Blair’s journey and asked how she could help out and ever since then she continues to help us to Help Other People Everyday!

Member – Melissa Barns (Step-sister to Blair who misses her everyday) She is married to Drew and they have five children, Ethan, Kaylynn, Stella,  Grayson  and Dalton with their dog Barnsey who is a best friend to Blair’s dog HOPE!  She is an amazing mom who in her spare time wants to Help Other People Everyday!

Member – Deb Lubotina  –  She is mother to Gretchen and works a full time job.  She is a wonderful woman who even though she is very busy has given so much of her limited time to Blair and family!  She too wants to Help Other People Everyday!

Member – Kim McCabe – Married to Roger and mother of three children!  She enjoys camping, reading, quilting, gardening and much more.  Another wonderful person who came to us during Blair’s journey and continues to help us to Help Other People Everyday!

Member – Colleen Mahoney – She keeps us organized and on task.  She helps at many events and also in between with computer work, organizing the storage unit, following through to get sponsors.  She is a terrific woman who makes a difference by Helping Other People Everyday!

Member – Stephanie Merfeld – Married to John and mother of three children.  She enjoys life! She helps at events, works behind the scenes and encourages everyone she meets. She came to us after her son Adrian’s journey and continues to help us to Help Other People Everyday!

Kickball Chair – Jodi Olson   She is sister in law to Blair and was key in providing our family with a special memory and a fun annual fundraiser!  Between Blair’s chemo treatment and Bone Marrow Transplant we were invited to Jodis’ family cabin. We played kickball and Blair’s pants fell down as she ran to 1st base. This is a memory that we will never forget and why we have chosen to hold an annual Kickball Tournament to encourage all families and friends to come and make some great memories and also helping us to Help Other People Everyday!  Jodi is a woman who enjoys Helping Other People Everyday!