Helping Other People Every Day

2014 Fundraising Events

Our non-profit foundation holds 3 major fundraisers every year to raise funds to help the families. We are looking for sponsors and donated items for our silent auction and raffle items at these events. IOH Wine Event 3-14-2014, 5k Walk/Run 6-29-2014 and Kickball 9-27-2014. If you are interested in any of these events and/or would like to volunteer your time, contact Kim Anderson at or 612-599-4221 and she will provide you with additional information or answer any questions you may have.

With sponsorships and donations from businesses and indviduals our foundation has been able to help directly and indirectly up to 6,000 families at both the Minneapolis Childrens and U of MN Amplatz Hospitals. BTOH helps families that the social workers refer to us with either a gas card, Target gift card, housecleaning, family photos, grocery cards, indirectly by bringing weekly snacks including toiletries, magazines, bracelet kits, serving Thanksgivingt Dinner, monthly crafting events, Pillowcases for families and their children, quilts and gift bags filled with fun items.

We look forward to receiving your support so that we can achieve our mission and our goals of Helping Other People Everyday – HOPE.

Thank you.